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About us

Advanced Tooling & Molding Service
- China cost + Western quality
- Save 50%-80% on your prototyping, tooling and molding cost
- Short delivery time, first - class quality guaranteed
- One-stop solution - quality mold design, prototype making,trial, mass production,
and post mold making services


HEC Mold&Eng. Inc. (China), a subsidiary of Hitech InternationalEnterprises (Canada), specialized in mould manufacturing - injection mold, die-cast mold, blowing mold, vacuum forming mold, etc. and technical innovation. In order to serve our clients with low cost & high quality molds, since 1995, HEC mold has established two partnership manufacturing factories located in Ninghai and Dongguan, China respectively.  Our Ninghai factory was established in 1995, located in Science Technology Industrial Park, Zhejiang province, with a total 19,800 sqm toolroom and more than 350 employees.  Our Dongguan factory was established in 2003, located in Changan town, Guangdong province, with a total 10, 000 sqm and more than 100 employees.  


Both our factories are ISO9001:2000 certified, ensuring that all tools manufactured are to the highest standard possible.  Our production operates 24/7 ensuring the shortest lead times possible without compromising quality. With the most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE network integration system, and equipped with most computer design software such as Pro-E, Solidworks, Auto CAD, citation, UG, etc, and the high-sophisticated processing equipment (5 axis CNC machine) for the CNC molds manufacturing.  Our products range from highly decorative auto parts, to water tanks for the environmental industry.


In all our departments, we have been upholding the operation idea that "you must be the best once you want to do so", satisfying customers' requirements by standing in their positions and sticking to the principle of "protecting customers' interest". Our enterprise enjoys a good reputation, which is set up by our moderate and steadfast work style and accurate professional level.

Trusting our accumulated experience, put us to work for you and you will be pleasantly surprised to see what we come up with. We assure you a pleasant business experience with us - your faithful business partner.



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